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Universal Disability Loading


Under the PDSP, every community preschool in NSW will receive funds, known as the Universal Disability Loading, to assist them to support the participation and educational outcomes of children with a disability or additional needs attending their service.

Preschools do not need to apply for this funding – all community preschools in NSW will automatically receive a Universal Disability Loading payment.

The loading each preschool receives will be determined based on the total enrolments of children eligible for Preschool Funding Model (PFM) subsidies. The loading will be higher for services that receive the regional loading under the PFM.

In 20170I2A1103, preschools located in metropolitan areas will receive $60 per eligible child per annum. Preschools located in regional or remote areas will receive $75 per eligible child per annum, in recognition that children with a disability living in regional areas face barriers to funding because of the difficulty in obtaining medical diagnoses.

The loading will be paid annually at the beginning of Term 1.

How your preschool can use the Universal Disability Loading

The loading must be used to support the participation of children with a disability or additional needs in your preschool. As this loading is not tied to a particular child, you can use the funds in more general ways to support the educational particiation of all children with additional needs or disability at your preschool, particularly those children with lower needs who may not meet the requirements of child focused targeted support provided under the PDSP.

The loading may go towards the cost of arranging professionals to assess and provide advice about your preschool’s facilities or programs, or to conducting an information session for staff about a particular disability. Alternatively, the funds can be used to purchase additional resources for children or relevant materials to develop the skills of your staff.



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