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Tips for Applying

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The first step is to determine whether any children attending your preschool are eligible for child-based funding or whether the universal disability loading paid to all NSW community preschools is appropriate for meeting the needs of children attending your service.

Read the information about the universal disability loading, Level 1 funding, Level 2 funding and Level 3 funding to see what's appropriate for your situation.

Use our checklist below to help determine which category of funding best applies to specific children at your preschool.

Read the PDSP Guidelines for detailed information about the program.

If you believe that by making a few minor adjustments to your preschool, such as using a few different resources, rearranging physical spaces, offering further training to staff or implementing visual reminders and timetables, you can achieve a more inclusive learning environment, you probably don't need to apply for child focused targeted support. The universal disability loading that all preschools automatically receive should assist you to make small adjustments that will improve the participation and educational outcomes of all children at your preschool.

However, if you think there may be a child or children with disabilities or additional needs who require additional support to help them participate in preschool and engage with their learning, you may be able to apply for child focused targeted support.

If you are unsure, talk to a Northcott Preschool Support Officer before you start the application process. Call 1800 455 522 or email pdsp@northcott.com.au with your query.

Remember, for all child focused targeted support applications, you need to discuss the application with the child's parent and get consent. It's best to do this before you start the application.



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See Level 1 FundingLevel 2 Funding or Level 3 Funding for relevant documents.