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Guideline: Level 3 Funding

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Level 3 Funding ($120 per day support)

To apply for level 3 funding, preschools must first contact Northcott to discuss the application.

It is expected that only a very small number of children will be eligible for level 3 support. Children who are eligible for level 3 support will need constant and intensive support to attend preschool and engage at the same level as his/her peers. 

It is highly likely that children who receive level 3 funding will have had their disability diagnosed at a very young age, will have complex support needs and may have medical conditions associated with their disability.

Supporting the child’s meaningful participation will involve making extensive, systematic, individualised, ongoing adjustments to the environment and teaching strategies. 

The child may have access to highly specialised technology, seating and standing equipment. They may also use alternative communication modes. In addition to adjustments used to support children funded at levels 1 and 2 the following may also be used: 

  • collaborating with allied health specialists to develop specialised programs such as a communication and feeding program
  • providing specialised seating and standing frames to ensure the child is correctly positioned to enhance their wellbeing and promote their engagement
  • using visual, verbal or tactile prompts and reinforcers to encourage the desired learning outcome
  • one-to-one teaching to support the development of choice making
  • one-to-one teaching and supported opportunities for the learning of positive and functional behaviours
  • one-to-one support for all toileting and self-care.

Funding may be used to employ additional staff to provide one-to-one support so that the child is able to participate in all areas of the preschool program. The adult may have to physically move the child between activities to ensure they are included in all learning experiences or to purchase or hire special equipment.

A child receiving this level of funding:

  • may have medical support requirements e.g. tube fed or tracheostomy
  • may require specialised seating and standing supports
  • may not be mobile
  • will not be toilet trained
  • may have a severe language delay in either receptive or expressive language or both
  • may use visuals or key word signing to communicate
  • may be difficult to engage
  • may have delayed fine motor skills
  • may be able to finger feed or need to be fed by an adult.